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  Personas are a common user-centered design tool. They are fictional characters that embody the target users of the system being designed. They help designers focus on solving problems for their users. They also help designers explain the systems they design through stories, called scenarios, centered on the personas’ use of them.

The first step in developing personas is to define target demographics and psychographics. By surveying the leading online learning services and Web portals and reviewing their marketing messages and information structures, I was able to infer groups of users these companies were actively engaging. I used these inferences to determine three broad target user groups: Young adults in school, working adults, and self-described lifelong learners.

The next step is to add convincing detail to the embodiments to "bring them to life." Though I hope that my service vision would be suitable for many countries, I felt competent to develop convincing stories based only in my home country.

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