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The Service

To explain the service from the learner’s perspective, I first present the vision in the way that potential service members might encounter it, and then show how the vision addresses the learning needs of the personas.
  1. How do learners become aware of the service?
  2. Once they become aware of the service, how do they join?
  3. Once they are members, how do they interface with the service?


Reading them sequentially can be overwhelming, as they are complex to describe. They are, however, intended to be easy to use by each of the personas, as this section illustrates. The following fictional stories, called scenarios, illustrate how the design of the service supports the needs of the personas.

    • Chooses Fresh as elective
    • At the park
    • Tickets to the tournament
    • Meets Fresh at the library
    • Picking up his son from school
    • Business trip to Sweden
    • Gets Fresh as a gift
    • Train ride to San Francisco
    • Heading to the Aquarium

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