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The Design Process

The vision of the service model was developed in three broad stages.

In the first, I developed the theoretical foundation of the service.

  • Through research into learning theories, I developed lists of learner needs and skills.
  • I then built an opportunity map by developing service components for learner needs in each of three learner channels: free-range, online, and offline.
  • I drafted a service ecology to illustrate groups that would have a stake in the effects of the service.

In the second stage, I developed the service vision.

  • I wrote personas, which embody target users.
  • I described components from the opportunity map in the service vision.

In the last stage, I tested the ideas.

  • I wrote scenarios to show how the service vision addresses the needs of the personas.
  • I developed three experience prototypes, one for each of the main functions of the mobile device, and informally tested them with users in an academic setting.

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