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LC Challenge

  Via the website, learners can identify the contact numbers of a group of peers who share their learning interests. Within the service, these groups are called learning circles. This term is common to many adult self-study initiatives across the world.

Customers provide an alias for the circle and invite them to accept or decline participation. By sending a question to the alias, the server automatically forwards the message to every member of the circle, facilitating easy group dialogue between groups of mobile learners as well as group identification on the website.

Sending to pre-defined learning circles.
Sending to pre-defined learning circles.

Description of Use

References and Influences:

  • Yahoo India group SMS: In this mobile service, users define SMS group names by sending commands to a specified phone number. When users send an SMS to the special number whose first word is the group name, the server broadcasts the SMS to every member of the group. Yahoo! India provides a working demonstration of the viability of this functionality and appeal.

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