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Ellen’s scenarios


Chooses Fresh as elective

    Ellen and her friends choose Fresh as one of her elective classes for her senior year. After signing up, she takes some self-tests to build her learning profile. Ellen answers the questions honestly and is surprised that the results, which seem to describe her learning style quite well.

    The first assignment in the class is to establish learning goals, using school computers to fill out online forms. Ellen is dreading her trigonometry class so she lists passing her course as a goal. She also wants to improve her tennis game, but since that's not really "school," she asks the teacher if it's OK. He says that Ellen should list her interests, whatever they are. When she finishes, the site gives her some options. She tries reading some of the online study for trigonometry, but the stuff bores her to death. Feeling a little guilty but not wanting to fall asleep, she decides to download a tennis module to her phone, and to check out the Body Learning device from the school.

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