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SMS Reference

  This aspect of the service is called SMS reference. In it, novice users can submit natural language questions. The server can utilize state of the art natural language processing to try and discover the search parameters. More expert users could save time by using more formal search syntax. In both cases the server can send a response back via SMS to them immediately. Reference options include dictionary, thesaurus, reverse dictionary, language translations, and abbreviated encyclopedia reference. Other references can be added to meet the interests of the customers.

Asking a question.
Asking a question.


Description of Use

References and Influences:

  • Yahoo India mobile dictionary: In this mobile service, users send an SMS with the prefix "dict" and a search term to a special phone number 8243. Within minutes the users receive the meaning of the specified word on their mobile device. Yahoo! India provides a working demonstration of the viability of this functionality and appeal.

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